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Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

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Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by Katiedot on Fri Feb 18 2011, 13:56

This from the ever fascinating celebrities with diseases (I swear I'm not making this up!)

I've left the beginning of the article so that his quote makes sense in context, but I still think that's a slap in the face for George, right? I mean, this from a 'man' who makes Bruce Willis seem like the more attractive option??

Casual sex: Natalie Portman is a commitment phobic in No Strings Attached

Published: February 18, 2011

Natalie Portman has slipped out of her tutu and into the shoes of a career-oriented commitment phobic for her role as Emma, a doctor slogging out 80 hour weeks and with time for nothing more than emotionless hook-ups. Come along old-time friend Adam, played by Ashton Kutcher, throw genuine emotional and romantic investment out of the bag and replace it with a heady does of passionate, uninhibited casual sex, and for a while their friends with benefits plan is going swimmingly. That is, of course, until one of them starts to yearn for the real thing.

Director Ivan Reitman said in an interview that the movie speaks to the kinds of sexual relationships young people have today: “I’ve noticed from my own kids that with this generation in particular, young people find it easier to have a sexual relationship than an emotional one. That is how the sexes deal with each other today.”

The 1980s flick When Harry Met Sally was considered groundbreaking in its time for raising the question whether men and woman ever just be friends without sex getting in the way. Now, Reitman suggests, there’s a new dynamic at play: “Is it possible for a man and woman to have a purely sexual relationship without emotions getting in the way?”

Casual sex — be it a one off sexual encounter or, as is in the movie, an agreement to have “no strings attached” sex that stretches over a longer period of time — is sex without commitment. It is sex for the pure pleasure of sex, rather than for emotional satisfaction.

“I’ve done a lot of these kind of movies, but this one is a little bit more grow-up,” Kutcher said of his role. “It looks at whether leaving feelings out of it actually works. For a new breed of woman, career comes first, and that has changed the nature of relationships. We should have just called the movie Clooney. That’s the kind of relationship George Clooney has had for the past 20 years. He seems happy.”

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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by lucy on Fri Feb 18 2011, 14:50

I Always forget just how young Ashton is,then I see one of his movies(on cable) and it reminds me,seems like this is another example of how young he is.Frat-boy forever!
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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by ladydi on Fri Feb 18 2011, 15:52

Not sure if it's an insult or not but it certainly is the truth!


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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by it's me on Fri Feb 18 2011, 18:25

he doesn't really know G
as no one
it's me
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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by bunny on Fri Feb 18 2011, 19:30

I think Ashton is just looking for additional press. Dropping the name gets him attention.

If you believe all of the rumors going around about Ashton and his cheating ways, you think he would be more careful about what he says.
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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by bellybaby on Fri Feb 18 2011, 21:48

I don't really see it as a slap in the face....just an observation. Clooney puts it out there enough himself, and it actually sounds like a compliment - that George is happy, and it is possible to be happy without making a commitment. jmo

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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by melbert on Sat Feb 19 2011, 05:04

I personally think Ashton is an ass. JMHO! I think that his comment really can be taken both ways. In a way, it almost sounds as if he's jealous. I'm sure Demi is a handful for him, but does he wish he was in George's shoes? Don't know.
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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by Atalante on Sat Feb 19 2011, 13:11

" No strings attached " when I first saw the trailer, that's exactly what I thought, a tribute to G.C. lifestyle. lol! So not only Kutcher's idea, just about everybody's first thought.
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Re: Ouch! Did Kucher really just insult George?

Post by Sponsored content

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