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Post by suebee on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:18 pm

I read on Einstein's Twitter Page last spring to SAVE THE DATE to this event, so maybe Einstein will be escorting Stacy to this event if Mr. Clooney is on location working! I mean, we do know for sure that Einstein at least slept with her there was a photo of them in bed and her choke hold control of him in the photo. If it was "news worthy" enough to be tweeted out by the man's dog it must have been a special reason for it!

Too bad for me, always the bridesmaid/non-attendee, not the part of the "ATTENDING PARTY"! lol...

Another one of those things I have always wanted to do, but someone I am sure will make sure they tell me one day I could have if I would have been nicer or did this or did that, etc....you know, the type if you would have just kept your mouth shut...hahahahahaha!

why don't they realize why I could never be a nun, can't hold a vow of silence that long when I see injustices being done to those who didn't have all the pieces of the same game being played! ie. politics! Which kills me cause when they needed or wanted someone to speak up on issues that matter to them or their party or causes it is ok, but not if it has to do with other things I guess...

So instein if you go please remember you are the child of an A++ Lister Movie Star, so DO NOT ever step back for that "pretend" mom, Stacy. Don't you let her steal your thunder or lime light! You ROCK EINEY!

Shooting hoops with George Clooney

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