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The unusual anecdotes about IT support

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The unusual anecdotes about IT support

Post by laetval on Sun 09 Dec 2012, 14:22

I wanted to share with you the funniest anecdotes about IT support I found! As a technician myself, I had a huge laugh reading these unusual.

- (Phone Support) Client: Oh, I have my mouse pointer moves by itself on my screen!
Me: Yes sir, this is normal. It's me. I took the remote control of your computer. I'm trying to solve your problem in time.
Customer: Oh, that's good. You want me to turn on the light? So you can see better.
Me: Uh ...

- One of my relatives getting any younger, called me because he had trouble installing software with a CD. I told him: "Well, first sends the file to the trash." And shortly after, I heard the sound of falling CD in the trash paper.

- My PC will not boot and said: "Keyboard not found. Press F1 to continue."

- A user could not print documents. He explains: "My computer tells me it can not find the printer. I turned the computer screen so that it is facing the printer but still can not see ".

- I asked a friend: "What antivirus software you are using?" My friend replied: "Netscape. Uh no, sorry ... Internet Explorer."

- A user calls because he has a problem with his modem and can not connect to the Internet. I told him: "I will help you solve your problem. Could you tell me how many lights are on?" And he replied: "I have three lights on: in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom."

- A user called me to reset a password. "It's okay, it's done. Your new password is 12345678" - "OK, this is capitalized?"

- Of course I know the password of my boss, it's five stars.

- "Go into your Computer." "I have to go to my office? It will take a little time because I am in another building."

- "I have a problem with password. When I try to enter my password, instead they are stars that appear on the screen."

- It was December 28 and my mother had a problem with her PC: it could not access the Internet. I told her: "You only have to open the window and it's good." She spent every Christmas season with a heavy cold.

- Me: "Sir, I'm going to take remote control of your computer." Customer: "I do not know what that means but OK ... OH MY GOD! MY COMPUTER IS OWNED BY THE DEVIL! I cast this devil and I remind you ... Me: "Sir? Sir? "

- "I inserted the first disc and all went well, the second OK, for the third I had a little force but for the fourth ... nothing to do, it's not between ..."

- A client calls because he has a problem with the fax. I asked him to try to send a test page and faxed me the price list of the company. I solved the problem and hung up. After a few minutes it reminds me and said: "I think I would perhaps not give you this document. You can Faxback me? "

- "Daddy, what does that mean DISK FORMAT C: finished at 99%?"

- Some years ago, a user asked me for new set of color cartridge for the printer. I asked her "Why do you print in color if, in this case, you are going to send it by fax?". The user replied with indignation: "I don't have the time to switch all the text in Word from multiple colors to black!"

- On my office, I received a call, saying "internet is not working"... I asked, "Internet or Facebook page????"...Silence...

- I had a user that was complaining about a floppy disk that didn't enter in the computer. I went to the user office, and ask them to show me the problem. User - "see, it dosen't enter". I answer him, "You can only enter one floppy at a time, you have to remove first the other that's inside".

- One day I let my mum to use the internet. After that my laptop was full of virus and she said she though she won a car in a web

- Once one user was surfing the web, a few days before he had been having problems with the IE and I had solved it. Suddenly he came to my desk raising hands and screaming "what have you done!? there's something wrong again!" When I saw "the problem" it was just that Hotmail Web had changed its design

- Set up dual monitors for a user who was having trouble keeping sight of the mouse cursor when she moved it to the edge of the screen. She viewed this as the mouse 'jumping' to the other monitor. So she moved the monitors about 5' apart saying it would be harder for the mouse to 'jump' across.

- A short one... Email arrived today and this is exactly that the content of the enquiry said: "Hello, do you write websites for the internet? I need a website for my pets but it must be on the internet so my parents can see it from France, can you do that?"

- When very few people had a mobile, I was helping a customer with a printer problem he had. At a certain point I said "Can you double check the printer cable?". To my surprise he replied "No". I asked "Why not?". He said "Because I am calling you from a taxi".

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Re: The unusual anecdotes about IT support

Post by melbert on Sun 09 Dec 2012, 14:44

Laetval, these are so funny. Kinda sounds like me asking some of those questions!
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Re: The unusual anecdotes about IT support

Post by Joanna on Sun 09 Dec 2012, 14:46

Those are good laetval....I'll have to send them on...before it rains as the ink will run ! lol
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Re: The unusual anecdotes about IT support

Post by melbert on Sun 09 Dec 2012, 14:49

Don't make too many mistakes though Joanna. WhiteOut really mucks up your screen!
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Re: The unusual anecdotes about IT support

Post by laetval on Mon 10 Dec 2012, 09:56

Here are some stories that make us smile to start the day! Smile

George complains to his friend that he has a sore elbow for some time. He believes that he should go see a doctor ...
 "You're crazy! Go see a doctor in the 21st century! said his friend, there are powerful computers that can detect all diseases! Will not wait 3 hours at the hospital for nothing! It does not cost much, and it's very accurate! You go to your supermarket, there is a computer. Bring a bottle of urine and a piece of 2 Euros, and voila '.
The next day, George thinks about what he had told his friend. For 2 € ... what I might!
He left for the supermarket with his play and his bottle of urine. He placed the vial in the computer, insert its € 2 where indicated.
The computer turns on: the lights are flashing, it finally comes out a sheet:
 "Diagnosis: Problem: you have an elbow tendinitis; Solution: Dip your elbow every night in hot water for 2 weeks. Tip of the Day: Avoid heavy loads.
George was very surprised, he finally admits that science progresses. But he said that the computer can make a mistake. He therefore decided to repeat the experience. It takes a bottle and filled partially with water tap. It receuille then a little drool dog. It adds a little urine from his wife and daughter. Finally, there is a small tape br ...... e coat and mix it all to a perfect consistency.
The next day, he returned to the supermarket with his mixture. He puts the bottle into the computer, insert the € 2 coin, the lights flash. George thinks he's going to blow up the computer, and rubs his hands, smiling.
He was finally released one sheet with the following diagnosis:
Problem: your water is hard and impure. Solution: Install a water purifier. Problem: Your dog has worms; Solution: turn on the worming for a week. Problem: your daughter to the drug cocaine Solution: put it in rehab. Problem: Your wife is pregnant. They are twins, they are not you. Solution: Consult your lawyer now. Tip of the day: you stop bran .. r, this will not fix your Tendonitis elbow ...!

This is a guy who works on his PC, when suddenly the smoke coming from the unit.
Distraught, our guy in the vendor file.
- Smoke began to leave the PC that you sold me.
- We need to change the motherboard, sir.
- No, I do not want to change the motherboard.
I want an anti-smoke!
- But, sir, it does not exist.
- Yes, yes, I want an anti-smoke.
- But it does not exist!
- I told you so! Our guy at his resumes from seller unhappy.
A week later, he returned.
- Hello, I would like to buy a motherboard.
- Ah, you see that it does not exist an anti-smoke.
- If it exists. I wrote to Microsoft and they sent me. But it is not compatible with my motherboard!!

Dear visitor,
You just got a computer virus in Belgium.
As we are not very technologically advanced, this is a manual virus.
Please delete all the files on your hard drive and send this mail to everyone you know.
Thank you very much to help us.


All following anecdotes are true stories (unfortunately) extract from an article written by Jim Carlton of the Wall Street Journal.

Austin, Texas, a frustrated user calling Dell Technical Support complains about not being able to turn on your PC. After ensuring the computer was plugged, the technician asked her what happened when pressed the power button. His response: "I pressed and pressed the pedal but nothing happened ... ".
It turned out that this was in fact the pedal computer mouse ...

Another person called the Compaq Technical Service to report that his brand new computer was not working. She explained that she had unpacked the unit, plugged it had, she sat for 20 minutes waiting for something to happen. When the technician asked her what happened when she pressed the power button, she replied, "Which button? '

Compaq is considering changing the command "Press any key" (Press any key) to "Press Return Key" (Press Enter) due to the mass of people calling to find out where the key "Any key" ...

AST technical support had a person complaining that the mouse was hard to control with the dust cover. It was found that the dust cover was actually plastic packaging mouse ...

Another support technician Compaq received a call from a man complaining that the system could not read his old diskettes 5 ¼ inches. After searching for causes from a magnetic source or a source of heat, it turned out that this man after putting labels on its disks, going through his typewriter ...

He was asked a user to AST to send a copy of the defective disk, it sent a copy ...

A Dell technician asked a user to his damaged disk in the drive and close the door. The user asked the technician to wait a moment, he was heard to ask the phone, getting up and crossing the room to close the door of the room ...

Appellation for a person to say she could fax in any of its documents. After 40 minutes of questions of all kinds, the technician discovered the man was trying to fax a document into the front of the screen and pressing the "send".

One person complained that his keyboard no longer worked. He had filled his sink with soap and water and then had plunged the keyboard for a day, and finally removing one by one the keys to clean them individually.
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Re: The unusual anecdotes about IT support

Post by Best in Category on Mon 10 Dec 2012, 20:06

"A user called me to reset a password. "It's okay, it's done. Your new password is 12345678" - "OK, this is capitalized?""

could have been me?! Razz

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Re: The unusual anecdotes about IT support

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