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George Clooney and car insurance

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George Clooney and car insurance

Post by Katiedot on Sat 08 Dec 2012, 08:30

No idea what this writer was smoking, but hey, this kind of stuff is what the internet was made for.

Thanks Henway for the find:


George Clooney A Comparison Of Auto Insurance Rates

Posted on December 7, 2012 by carinsuresavings

Most of the time when you land on an insurance site you see the same ole boring articles about how to reduce your insurance. As with most, that can be rather tedious and you probably do not want an education about auto insurance. You just want the cheapest rates now! How about George Clooney? Do you ever wonder if he has cheaper car insurance than you? Since that is a really dumb question let’s take a look at George Clooney from Lexington, Kentucky.

You obviously know that George Clooney is a man since he won the sexiest man alive two times by time magazine along with his movie star friend Brad Pitt. A man is going to pay more for car insurance than a women. Statistically women are safer drivers and men typically are not, plus on average, men make more claims than women. So, strike one, George is going is pay more for car insurance than a woman.

Age is a determining factor and George is fifty-one (51) now and the older you are approaching the age of sixty-five (65) the less your car insurance is going to be. However, for the most part as long as you don’t have many accidents or traffic violations then your rates would be good between the ages of twenty-five to sixty-five. So, for George he is good. No strikes there.

Some insurance companies like for you to be married since they believe you are going to be more responsible if you are married. George was married to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 and unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, he is never going to be married again. So for George, he has another strike against him – not being married.

Since driver history is probably the most important factor for major insurance firms you would think the driving history of George would be great. Since he was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2007 with his girlfriend Sarah Larson in New Jersey this would be definitely be a strike against him even though George claimed it was not his fault and it probably wasn’t. At least no one was seriously hurt in the accident. Only those that were breaking the law by violating George’s rights and going through his medical record while at the hospital. For George, this would be a strike against him. His auto insurance rates would go up!

Your occupation would be a factor in determine your insurance rates. Since George is a world wide icon and celebrity that would increase his auto insurance rates. Since acting can be dangerous (George suffered a head injury on the set before), the probability of insurance companies taking the “high-risk” occupation into consideration is really high. I am sure the level of pay certainly outweighs the risks. So for George’s occupation as a celebrity – a definite strike against him.

The type of car you drive will be another factor to determine your auto rates and George has been a fan of electric/hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles are great for “going green” and saving the Earth, the insurance companies aren’t interested in saving the Earth, per se, but are interested in risk. Since it costs more to insure an electric vehicle, for George, that would be another strike against him. I am sure being a celebrity he has a regular gas powered vehicle somewhere in his collection?

As you probably know the majority of insurance companies ask you if you own your own home. The reason for lower car insurance rates for home-ownership is fiscal responsibility. George has owned a near 8,000 square foot mansion in Los Angeles, California since 1995. Plus he has a villa in the country of Italy. So for George that is great. Car insurance companies like home-ownership and the longer you have owned a home the better. Plus, insurance firms are going to want to insure your home and car, another reason for a reduction.

Credit scores are used by most of the insurance firms and since we don’t know George’s credit score we would be unable to determine if this would affect his car insurance rates. With millions of dollars under management under his George Guifoyle Trust I am sure he is fiscally responsible and nothing like Lindsey Lohan.

Unfortunately for George, on paper, he doesn’t look that great for insurance carriers, but I think George probably doesn’t really care. As long as he is insured and not being ripped off like Tom Hanks then George is going to pay more for car insurance than you are. At least you know you can pay less for the same amount of coverage than George Clooney. Maybe it doesn’t pay to be a movie star?


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