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Ben Affleck in Rome for ARGO premiere: "George Clooney has given me confidence"

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Ben Affleck in Rome for ARGO premiere: "George Clooney has given me confidence"

Post by lelacorb on Fri 19 Oct 2012, 20:08

Presented in Rome Argo, the third major work of director and actor, as well as potential Oscar Contender year

19/10/2012 - Pierpaolo Festival
It 'in great shape Ben Affleck in the day when his great film, Argo, is presented to the Italian press: he, hyper kind, takes notes to mark all the questions that arise in order to give a complete answer to all questions.

Ben Affleck's notes from the press conference in Rome.

"It took time to realize my dream and become a director - says Affleck - It's not just a matter of finding the right material and confidence to undertake this adventure. It 'also a matter of pure luck as an actor so I struggled to find roles. There were times when I did the test but did not get the parts. Then all of a sudden it's success and continued to send me scripts. It 'sa question a bit' dangerous because you can become bulimic and accept everything. Need to calm down a bit 'and remember what your dreams. " At its third director - after the excellent Gone Baby Gone and the breathtaking The Town - Affleck making a movie that has already been acclaimed by the international press as a potential Oscar Contender.

Focused on a real CIA operation - which in 1980 led to safety six hostages trapped in Iran of Khomeini pretending to shoot a film in those places - Argo is a remarkable film. A mature work that gives a nod to the classic seventies directed by Sydney Lumet. A cause is the Smokehouse Clooney and Heslov: "Working with George makes you feel protected. As a director, he knows that the role of producer is not to put forward who directs, but to help him find the right path. "

Affleck and Bryan Cranston in a scene from the film Argo.

Begged the question about adding suspense during the chronicle of those events: "My responsibility was to pay homage to these characters and to remain faithful to the story, but the movies you also need the constant attention of the public. We must try to maintain this balance. I told all the central facts, but I worked a little 'on the tension in the third act. But I must say that it is about the actors. Were convincing: if you look at the beautiful chase scene in The violent arm of the law, I do not think there stupiate just for show. What makes you see Hackman adrenaline behind the wheel. A wonderful thing. Someone in Hollywood may not agree, but for me the actors are what matter most. "

And speaking of actors in Argo John Goodman and Alan Arkin are stealing the show constantly. In the role of head of Affleck are Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad that Film.it recently in an exclusive interview: "Many cast members are on TV - said Affleck - It 'clear evidence that the best stories are now made on the small screen. "


Argo, to be released on November 8, is distributed by Warner Bros. Soon we'll show you an exclusive interview with Ben Affleck.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Clooney I go!

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