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Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

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Is George Clooney working with the paparazzi by calling them and posing?

14% 14% 
[ 3 ]
29% 29% 
[ 6 ]
52% 52% 
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5% 5% 
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Total Votes : 21

Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by Katiedot on Sat Aug 25 2012, 20:25

This quote from Lelacorb on another thread made me wonder (thanks Lela!):

lelacorb wrote:He is not an idiot but definitely attend idiots taking pictures then show the world. I believe that he is free to play is young, bright and very nice but unfortunately a family bigoted.
What do you guys think? Is George the victim of a relentless paparazzi or is he playing the game with them (rather than against them)? If yes, why? If not, why not? Are we being manipulated by a master, being sold fake goods under a fake label? Or is he really just an innocent victim who makes the best out of a lousy situation?

I've added all the poll options I can think of. Let me know if you want more things to vote for.

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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by cindigirl on Sat Aug 25 2012, 20:50

I think he "allows" the paparazzi's to take a picture when he wants the exposure for whatever reason and then he is allowed the privilege of going undercover.
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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by lelacorb on Sat Aug 25 2012, 21:02

I think he has a good relationship with many paparazzi also because thanks to them we have come George images of a cute, sporty, funny that allowed people to love him even more. I think he hates the paparazzi harassing those who are following him in motion jeopardizing his safety, he hates those who want to steal images in the privacy of his home. The paparazzi are obsessed with the love life of George Clooney perhaps because it is ........ I do not know how to explain ..... maybe because it is not well defined.
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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by melbert on Sat Aug 25 2012, 22:33

I agree with both. I do think he does a tit-for-tat type thing by allowing a percentage of photos with the promise they'll give him some down time. Of course, you'll have the occasional rogue phototog who didn't get the "memo", and I think those might be the pics that George seems a little, how should I say this, PISSED.
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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by party animal - not! on Sat Aug 25 2012, 22:48

In my view, GC works and knows the media very well. Obviously he prefers some to others, and many of them are his friends - Nick Kristoff, Charley Rose, etc, etc., and some know more than others e g
I'm sure Rose knew the answers to many of the questions he asked GC when touring his house. He, and others have visited Laglio, and as accredited journalists, he values them.

The paps hang around Laglio for any shot they can get. Some he knows, and he realises they have deadlines, masters etc. And he obviously know it's all part of being a celebrity, and this year he's seemed more relaxed about it all. Whether this is SK's influence is anyone's guess.

I met a girl once who had known GC for years, showed me a shot of the both of them from a party the night before, and she was guiding various photographers to where and when to get shots during a BAFTA night.

And then of course, there's always Stan..............

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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by lucy on Sat Aug 25 2012, 23:17

He uses the press to promote whatever, but IMO he has had to learn how to live with them always around. Does he like it? Not always, but that's the price he pays. Someday they won't be following him everywhere, I hope he can learn to live with that when the time comes.
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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by it's me on Sat Aug 25 2012, 23:43

he surely will learn
guess it will be more simple than the opposite!
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Re: Is George Clooney playing with the paparazzi?

Post by Sponsored content

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