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Post by Maggy on Sun 26 Aug 2012, 23:43

LornaDoone wrote:
Best in Category wrote:Thank you LornaDoone! I agree with everything you wrote.

Gut feeling and that some relationships just are not worth fighting for.

Tell me about it...But if it is the other way around: he doesn't let me go?

Restraining Order? Move? Sorry still in a silly mood.

But seriously, if he's getting creepy and your gut tells you he may hurt you a restraining order won't help. Depending on how serious it could be - moving would be an option.

I had a friend who worked with battered women and she once told me a that a restraining order won't stop a bullet. Bit dramatic but she made the point. That if it's that serious the only thing to do is to get as far away from the person as possible even if it means moving. I've read too many stories lately of women getting killed by ex-spouses or ex-boyfriends who didn't want to let go.

There is something inherently wrong with people who feel that only that one person can make them happy to the point that they want to hurt the person they are supposed to "love" if they break up.

I don't think that's 'love', it's 'obsession'.

I could never physically hurt (end the life) of the person I 'love'.
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Post by Best in Category on Sun 26 Aug 2012, 23:54

LornaDoone: no restraining orders needed here. Very Happy

And yes Maggy: maybe it is obsession. But anyway thank you for the insight and answers. I WILL move on, I have done it already. Shouldn't be too difficult, I just don't see him, I don't talk to him - he will go away.... super cool

Best in Category
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