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THR Presents the Clooney Award: TV Stars Who Can Make the Leap

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THR Presents the Clooney Award: TV Stars Who Can Make the Leap

Post by silly girl on Wed 15 Aug 2012, 18:26

GC mention:

From Kit Harrington to Anna Torv, 10 fresh faces from the small screen capable of crossing over.

There have been plenty of actors who began their careers on the small screen and made the successful jump to the big one -- Bruce Willis, Jennifer Aniston and Sally Field, for example -- but a rare few have done it with the grace and impact of George Clooney. Yes, some of the actors who we think have that potential might very well find themselves in a crappy superhero movie (like Clooney's Batman & Robin) or an ill-advised adaptation of a popular book (The Perfect Storm) or a thoroughly lightweight romantic comedy (One Fine Day). But if these 10 can keep the faith and choose wisely, glory -- and the ability to control one's destiny -- might be within reach.


silly girl
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