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George and Nepresso - media write up

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George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by watching on Mon 06 Aug 2012, 10:26

Note : I used Google translate the french article so some of the English is a little chopped. I put the parts relating to George directly in bold.

George Clooney and Nespresso
By Veronique Richebois

The actor wanted to meet directors known to rub shoulders with prestigious brands. Nespresso needed notoriety. Six years later, their union remains a success."Unique, sensual, delicate, deep, mysterious ... "George Clooney enjoys these qualifiers as dégusterait a vintage ... before realizing that these words, spoken by a very pretty woman, are aimed in reality at Nespresso she sips. This is called a smack.

The spot was in 2006. Since then, nothing, or almost nothing has changed. In France, Lowe took over the agency McCann Erickson Paris (Interpublic). But George Clooney continues to embody the Nespresso brand, a flagship of the Nestlé Group. He collects calmly rebuffs women. And they are many! Since the forties hieratic hands him the keys to his car by taking it to the carrier that it makes eyes the better to steal his cup ... through the bland vixen, who spear look like much: "You are a little smaller than I thought. "And to Walk the talk. Traumatic.

Clooney, a masochist? Not really. Paid, at a minimum, 5 to 6 million during the first season (and most likely between 8 and 10 million today), George Clooney is also involved in the script and the realization of the spot. Officially, this is not a "final cut", it looks like .But the brand does not complain.

Since joining, the son of a former beauty queen and a TV presenter would pushing sales of Nespresso by 30%. It is true that he is not content, like many others, to make up the numbers. The actor is cast in the role of seducer regularly blowing to the point that he made a "character" of fiction, in what looks like every time in mini-comics. Clooney plays with the image of Clooney, the ridicule, adds a touch of self-deprecating ... But after all, nothing is impossible for a star that began in "The Return of the Killer Tomatoes."

They are many who would never do in surveys.Initially, however, the bet is not won. "The brand wanted to accelerate its international growth, says George Martin, general manager of Lowe. It was seen as elitist, as machines costing more expensive, and it had a deficit of notoriety. "A cast is organized ... It will last throughout 2005. Is the intersection of cinema greats and seduction as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Sharon Stone, Monica Belluci ... The Nespresso Club members decide: it will be George Clooney.

"It was the personality that fitted best with the brand, took George Martin. He was known for his villa near Lake Como, a certain lifestyle, his artist friends, his commitment to great causes ...

"For his part, Clooney is starting. He wants to be associated with major brands and judge in 2005 that will enable it to meet directors known. "But he had set his conditions:" I am willing to advertise, but for fun, not taking me seriously, " says Lawrence Duvivier, former budget chief at McCann and assistant general manager of BBDO. The self-deprecating and control of the script were part of his application. The Nespresso brand capital gains sympathy, empathy in attracting men and women, explains the analyst Samuel Lepastier:

"Clooney is the fantasy of all seducers and there we find him as Big John front, a little ridiculous. It highlights women - they can say no, pick-and reassures men who often are afraid not to insure. Clooney is back in its place and, finally, does not make a drama. "Morality of ads? "No man is omnipotent, even George Clooney. "

Biter, the actor goes, in fact, the background behind the coffee, subtle as a stooge. In 2009, forcibly sent to heaven by a falling piano, it is even manipulated by God, played by John Malkovich, who treats him like a common carrier.

Incidentally, the actor stepped in to ask a lot of reworking. Because Clooney has kept his word: he goes well beyond its role as muse and actually invests the writing of the script. Left to hustle a little teams. After the first day of shooting in Los Angeles, he therefore questions aloud the relevance of the initial slogan it's just too trite. Impromptu brainstorming after which will be found "What else? "Declined in all countries. A real find, according to linguist Joan Bordeau: "This is a short slogan, that speaks. "What else?" : A way of saying that coffee is second to none. What can you take another? "The contract with George Clooney stops him in 2013. But just then, "Who else? "


Link to article first sighted at Frenchies
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Re: George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by Katiedot on Mon 06 Aug 2012, 12:48

Hmmmm, interesting. I didn't know that George had a hand in writing the scripts as well - or did I mis-read that?

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Re: George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by it's me on Mon 06 Aug 2012, 13:05

with Grant
it's me
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Re: George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by melbert on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 01:54

You read it right Katie. I agree, It's Me, that Grant probably helps as he is there during the shoots.
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Re: George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by it's me on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 08:25

with Grant as a director
they surely collaborate
it's me
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Re: George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by Maggy on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 20:17

I like all the Nepresso adds. They make a good team.
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Re: George and Nepresso - media write up

Post by Sponsored content

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