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Clooney's opinion surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe

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Clooney's opinion surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe

Post by Guest on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 16:27

I was wondering if anyone has seen any clips or info regarding Clooney's opinion surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death.....it will be 50 years since her death on this Sunday, August 5.

It is difficult to know what to believe....whether it was murder by the mafia or the Kennedys or medical malpractice by her psychiatrist, Greenspan or suicide by Marilyn herself. So many stories....

All and all, it is a tragic story...and it also reflects a very cut throat mentality surrounding Hollywood. It seemed as though Marilyn did not have a single, true friend in the world. Someone who really understood her, her acting out behaviors and loved her anyway. I do think Joe DiMaggio thought the world of her and did want to protect her. IMO, she really needed some good "Non-Hollywood" girlfriends to converse with on a regular basis.

It seems she was really stuck in that male-dominated scene, but that was what things were like at that time even though her films grossed more money for the production company (Fox??) she worked for than any of the other actors. "A woman bringing home buckets of money??????" affraid

After reading about her traumatic childhhood, I am amazed to see how she was still able to put herself together and out there. She was very courageous. I do think her life ended too soon for her. I think she really cared about her work. Deep down, I think she really wanted to be recognized as a great actress, not just a sex symbol.


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