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Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

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Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

Post by Katiedot on Wed Jul 04 2012, 19:32

Ok, valid point of view, but what's the solution?

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Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

An interactive map of the celebrity recolonization of Africa.

—By Dave Gilson

| March/April Issue

OVERSIZED SHADES have replaced pith helmets, but the new scramble for Africa has its share of adventurers, would-be saviors, and even turf battles. As Madonna's publicist explains, "She's focusing on Malawi. South Africa is Oprah's territory."

The map below takes a lighter look at the sometimes serious, sometimes silly business of celebrity altruism. For more on how Africa became the hottest continent for A-list do-gooders like Bono and Brangelina, see here. And if you're looking for a more sober approach, check out our recent package on human rights.

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Re: Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

Post by The next mrs clooney on Wed Jul 04 2012, 20:23

It's a valid point of view but I also think it makes something positive seem negative. We really should focus on the fact that some celebrities are doing amazing work in this area of the world and have saved many lives through their activism.

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Re: Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

Post by melbert on Wed Jul 04 2012, 22:43

Right on TNMC!!!! Some are not in it for their own glory, but for the betterment of mankind.

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Re: Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

Post by Sponsored content Today at 03:00

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