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how George helped Dan Rather's career

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how George helped Dan Rather's career

Post by The next mrs clooney on Sat 02 Jun 2012, 00:39

so its slow on the George news front but I found this in the la times online. An interview with Dan Rather. Only posted the part that pertains to our man George as it was long.

So how did George Clooney help you resurrect your career?

I want to emphasize, I don't know George Clooney well. But at the time I was arguably at the lowest point of my career, having been forced to leave CBS News after 44 years, he invited me to be a presenter at an awards ceremony — I think it was the Writers Guild. [Later,] I was trying to decide what I was going to do. I was baffled and disappointed, to say the least, and a bit lost. He suggested that I call an acquaintance of his in Los Angeles, and that acquaintance suggested that I call [HDNet cable network Chairman] Mark Cuban, and that resulted in my working for the last six years on a one-hour news program for HDNet ["Dan Rather Reports"], over which I have total, complete and absolute creative and editorial control. So he helped in a seemingly small but very important and key way.
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