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Most Parents Happier Today — so is George Clooney

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Most Parents Happier Today — so is George Clooney

Post by watching on Tue 29 May 2012, 09:15

Grasping at straws, I know. But George still won't come out to play so we have something current to discuss.

Most Parents Happier Today — so is George Clooney
Ken WestBy: Ken West | The News & Advance
Published: May 28, 2012 Updated: May 28, 2012 - 9:25 PM

In an apparent reversal in attitude, married parents who wait longer to have children and agree about the value of raising children are happier today than childless adults. While this may not surprise readers, earlier research (1985-1995) suggested couples raising children were less happy than couples not restricted by the constant needs of the young. The highest spike in wellbeing occurs during pregnancy and in the first year of the child's life.

However, not all children bring delight. As the third child in my family, I was amused at this observation by a German scholar: "The first child increased happiness quite a lot. The second child a little, the third not at all." Sorry Mom and Dad.

This increase in happiness generally is not experienced by unmarried parents, young married parents or couples with mixed feelings about bringing a child into their lives. The studies centered on a parent's personal wellbeing and happiness. Happiness with one's marriage depends on additional factors.

Focus on Marriage

"The airline warning to put on your own oxygen mask before you place one on your child also holds true for marriage," explains psychologist Joshua Coleman. Although individuals may experience increased personal happiness and a higher sense of wellbeing as parents, marriages can become less satisfying. The increase in work after a child is born severely limits a couple's time alone. Spouses frequently stop doing the couple activities that once brought them joy. Less satisfaction with marriage does not mean couples love each other less. It does mean the focus of their lives has shifted. For that reason, Joshua Coleman and other marriage experts suggest that parents take care of their marriage first.

"Couples need time alone to renew their relationship. They also need to sustain supportive networks of friends and family. Couples who don't, investing too much in their children and not enough in their marriage, may find that when the demands of child-rearing cease to organize their lives, they cannot recover the relationship that made them want to have children together in the first place," Stephanie Coontz wrote in the New York Times.

Single Men Healthier

George Clooney may actually be as joyous as he looks! Recent research shows a change in the welfare of single men. In the past, married men's health was, on average, far superior to the health of single men. Not today. Today single men no longer are viewed negatively, and most maintain a rich network of friends and family members. As a result, their health now equals that of married men's, according to the APA Monitor.

One oddly stated quote attempted to explain why single men may face less depression later in life than married individuals. "Actually, getting married greatly increases one's chances of being divorced or widowed," the sociologist began. Wow. This is a researcher who really has a grasp of the obvious. Unfortunately, the observation almost brought on more widowhood. I nearly died laughing.

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Re: Most Parents Happier Today — so is George Clooney

Post by fluffy on Tue 29 May 2012, 10:04

Thanks watching, well let's way up the odds, stinky horrid vom n nappies -v- loads of cash (well a reasonable sum), free time and SLEEP!!!!!! No brainer girlies!! George has it right and good for him! cheers
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