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Is it better to know less about George to enjoy being a fan?

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Re: Is it better to know less about George to enjoy being a fan?

Post by Katiedot on Tue 15 May 2012, 01:05

Yep, very true. And she was gone quick smart too.

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Re: Is it better to know less about George to enjoy being a fan?

Post by Astras on Tue 15 May 2012, 01:15

I think even George himself has admitted he's insecure. Which I find reassuring somehow. But then, I would. Razz

My thing regarding his dating history is that while none of his women may be intellectual giants, I just can't seem to understand why this bothers people. I'm sorry, but I just can't figure it out. *blink*

I mean, it's not as though he's jilting any of us for the hot, unknown waitress over at our neighborhood Hooters. No offense intended ladies. I'm sure we are all beautiful and wonderful women in our own special way, but you know what I mean.

Is it that people think him a hypocrite in that he champions strong women but doesn't seem to date them? Is it that they expect "more" from him than he wants for himself? Is it that people think he's so ego-driven that he won't let anyone else shine? Maybe I'm cra cra, but honestly, for me it just boils down to the fact that he's attracted to a certain type romantically - and has been most of his life. And since he *can* still get the hot chick, he does. Many men are secretly - hell, openly - envious of him. And women just wish they would *grow up.* Maybe one day some fantastically intelligent, witty, wonderful, successful, and age appropriate women will sweep him off his feet. Until then...

...I'll be riding my Unicorn... One for Merlin!

And Kelly Preston wasn't the "star" of the couple, wasn't at the time they actually lived together a successful actress?

Little secret about Kelly. Shared with me by an old friend of hers. It was always on her agenda to marry a star so that, in Kelly's words, she would never have to "wait tables" again. And indeed, she did. Marry a star. So, even though at the time they were dating she was more successful than G, I'm not sure I would peg her as an example of someone who was destined to outshine him in any way. And yes, I hang my head in shame for gossiping.
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Re: Is it better to know less about George to enjoy being a fan?

Post by davidarochelle on Tue 15 May 2012, 01:42

I think that the issue is NOT that G is dating a young, hot girl, although I see literally TONS of hotter girls on every set I've ever been on and every pool party I ever go to here in Vegas, and just walking down the LV Strip, and . . . I just wish he'd pick a young, hot girl with tons of singing, modelling, hostessing, acting, news reporting talent and then IMMEDIATELY hire a top makeover crew to polish her look, her image, her voice, her interview skills, and DEFINITELY rewrite her tweets to make her APPEAR intelligent. Come on he has the bucks. What do you think that they did in the "old Hollywood star-system days?" Even on a more minor level, every time I walk on a set I am told some of the following: talk slower, hold your head still, spend money you don't yet have to buy more expensive bras, wear even shorter shorts as they make you look thinner, how come you look so completely different on camera, do you wear green contacts (NO and NEVER), etc. etc. etc. Better get used to being constantly picked on if you want to be an actress.
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Re: Is it better to know less about George to enjoy being a fan?

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