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5 favorite bands

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5 favorite bands

Post by Michelle meyers on Fri 04 May 2012, 03:00


Oh Yeaaah

Marvin Gaye Love4
Michelle meyers
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Re: 5 favorite bands

Post by Joanna on Fri 04 May 2012, 10:15


Clooney listens to Marvin Gaye when he makes love

30th November -0001

George Clooney listens to Marvin Gaye when he makes love.
The Hollywood heartthrob's girlfriend, British TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, says the couple love playing music by the legendary singer -whose hits include 'Sexual Healing' and 'Let's Get It On' - whenever they want some action between the sheets.

Lisa said: "I love Marvin Gaye's songs. They are perfect for getting in the mood. He is so brilliant and his tunes are so sexy.
There would be nobody else I would rather hear when I'm with George and he feels the same."
Lisa, who rekindled her romance with the handsome actor earlier this year, insists she and George are a very normal couple, despite their jet-set lifestyle.
She added: "We are so ordinary. We fart and belch and everything. It's fantastic." However, Lisa recently confessed the huge distance between the couple will "probably" be the downfall of their relationship.
The sexy brunette claimed things "fizzled out" the first time
because they were so far apart and admitted it may happen again.

When asked if the long distance will be a problem this time,
Lisa replied: "Yeah, it probably will be. He lives there, I live here. I'm just taking each day as it comes."

Lisa has also revealed she has no plans to move to Los Angeles because she gets too homesick.

She confessed to Britain's Heat magazine at the time:
"I can stay there for three months, no problem,
but after I need to get back home."

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