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How George Clooney helped GQ's man become TV royalty

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How George Clooney helped GQ's man become TV royalty

Post by silly girl on Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:34

An article from GQ.com ---mentions GTC. Just going to copy the quote about him:

....Dennis Pennis, with his offensive questions to stars at premieres, had ruined things for everyone and made PRs understandably nervous and hesitant about any new shows. Thankfully, an interview with George Clooney at the London premiere of Golden Globe-winning The Descendants changed all that. We'd only get a few minutes with him on the red carpet, but we were after an immediate reaction, so the first question was: "So, The Descendants is a comedy drama set in Hawaii. Is it a funny version of 50 First Dates?"
Would Clooney get the joke and laugh, or would he walk away offended and scupper our chances of ever getting any access again? Fortunately, his head flew back and laughed so loudly every nervous PR in the vicinity looked over and smiled. Relief swept over me. ......


silly girl
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