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"George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

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"George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

Post by Katiedot on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 11:22

Thanks to Henway for the link:


Meaney: Clooney slept on my sofa

By STEPHEN MILTON Published: 08th April 2012

IRISH star Colm Meaney has told how he regularly auditioned against pal George Clooney for roles.

Dubliner Colm has been good pals with Clooney since the pair met while trying out for a host of Eighties shows such as MacGyver and Remington Steele.

Colm, 59, even let George kip on his couch when he was strapped for cash.

But the star of Irish classics The Snapper and The Van confessed he should have asked George, 50, for beauty tips.

Colm said: “I’ve been friends with George for years, since I went out to Hollywood in the early Eighties. Both of us were starting out in LA and doing the audition circuits and I used to meet him at the same castings for the same parts, if you can believe that.

“We used to hang out at the same parties and he crashed on my couch a few times.

“He’s honestly one of the nicest men you will ever meet in your life, I can understand why no one has a bad word to say about him.

“It’s funny to think we went for the same roles back then, you wouldn’t think it looking at us. They must have been casting on a very broad level.

“Unfortunately, it really doesn’t happen that much now. I’d only be up against Brendan Gleeson now, who I’m always mistaken for.”

The actor, who currently divides his time between his home in LA and Spanish villa in Majorca with wife Ines and daughter Ada, eight, is starring in smash hit American TV series, Hell on Wheels.

It’s a gritty Western chronicling the construction of the Pacific railroad which also stars stunning Irish newcomer, Dominique McElligott.

Meaney plays baddie Thomas ‘Doc’ Durant, the scheming rail boss who sacrifices the lives of hundreds to make his fortune and The Commitments star admits he’s getting offered more villain roles as he gets older. He said: “Doc’s definitely a bad guy — and I’m starting to get more roles like that. Maybe I’m getting meaner looking as I get older.”

Hell on Wheels is the first major TV series for the Finglas-raised star since Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he played Captain Miles O’Brien.

And Colm admitted: “I’m getting recognised for Hell on Wheels in the States. In Dublin, it’d still be for The Snapper. But probably more than anything else, I still get recognised for Star Trek. Miles O’Brien still has a fan base.”

Meaney, who has another daughter Brenda from his first marriage to actress Bairbre Dowling, makes a point of regularly working on home shores — with recent movie Parked filmed in Dublin and upcoming comedy Whole Lotta Soul shot up in Belfast.

But he says he’ll never move back here permanently.

He explained: “It’s just too cold and I have a great life in Majorca and LA. Who’d give that up?”

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Re: "George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

Post by Merlin on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 13:01

Ooohhh Star Trek and George...that would have been cool...
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Re: "George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

Post by Joanna on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 13:13

I've got a good comfy sofa !
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Re: "George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

Post by it's me on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 18:12

me too!

(but my bed is even better Wink Very Happy )
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Re: "George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

Post by melbert on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 18:31

Don't we have this already somewhere else? Or did I dream it?
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Re: "George Clooney slept on my sofa" - says actor Colm Meaney

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