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George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

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George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

Post by Katiedot on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 12:09

And today's post from the world of weird has arrived. The guy writing does seem to be serous about this:


Posted by Sri Lanka Guardian

George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

by Thomas C. Mountain

( April 05, 2012, Asmara- Eritrea,Sri Lanka Guardian) Holly-weirdo George “The Looney” Clooney has been one of the CIA/US State Department’s most high profile “volunteer” spokespersons for the Horn of Africa these past few years.

Clooney’s guru for the region is one John Pendergrast, the CIA’s plain clothes specialist for the Horn region and a protégé of Senior Director of US intelligence Gayle Smith (see “Guerilla Mistress to Obama Confidant; The Life and Crimes of Gayle Smith”) presently occupying an office next door to the allegedly “Black President” in the White House USA.

Pendergrast is using “The Looney” Clooney to push the latest phase of the “US Plan To Destabilize Sudan” realizing that the face of a Hollyweird movie star can sell “honesty and sincerity” a lot better than any media presstitute or politrickster.

So !Viola!, George’s face is splashed across television sets world wide bemoaning another “genocide” supposedly brewing in Sudan. Never mind that his whole “Save Darfur” campaign a few years back has been exposed as a fraud (see “Burying the Darfur Genocide Myth”) with over $100 million he helped raise to feed the starving in Darfur unaccounted for.

In 2011, while every day hundreds of South Sudanese children died from preventable water borne diseases and malnutrition, George “The Looney” Clooney choose to spend over $1 million buying satellite photos to “monitor” the South Sudanese Independence Referendum (see “Storm Clouds Over South Sudan”).

As a “volunteer” spokesperson for Pax Americana in the Horn of Africa, George Clooney’s job is to divert attention from the real crimes being committed in the region by the USA’s Henchmen in East Africa, chief amongst them Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi.

The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have both been expelled from most of southern Ethiopia during a drought and famine and George Clooney cries “murderer!” and points his finger at Sudan, which in the Darfur relief effort saw one of the biggest successes in the history of international aid.

For his “volunteer” efforts in helping cover up genocide in the Horn of Africa, intentional or not, George “The Looney” Clooney has qualified his name to be added to the ongoing Nuremberg Tribunal List of international criminals by engaging in, promoting or helping cover up crimes against humanity.

Thomas C. Mountain is the only independent western journalist in the Horn of Africa living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at yahoo dot com.

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Re: George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

Post by it's me on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 12:46

it's me
George Clooney fan forever!

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Re: George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

Post by NotAvailable on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 21:29

yeah, if this person writing this had any "evidence" of what they claim, it would have been plastered all over the "news".

You know what type of supporter this person is, by who they didn't mention as the "Bad Guy". No bad guy, except to point a finger at one of the voices crying for those ppl being killed in Nubia, starved and bombed to death.

yeah, I hear you dictator. Your ppl don't know how to successfully write up a killer article that would actually hurt anyone.
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Re: George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

Post by Maggy on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 21:32

Totally loving George Clooney

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Re: George Clooney; CIA’s “Volunteer” Spokesman for Horn of Africa

Post by Sponsored content

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