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there's a (french) song about Clooney

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there's a (french) song about Clooney

Post by macs on Mon 27 Feb 2012, 14:48

Well even if no Oscars I though I'll celebrate, after all it's been a long and pretty good award season.
I suppose we won't see too much of him for a while (he's probably working behind the scenes at his new projects) So, for fear of withdrawal, I thought I'll post that video.
It's a french song (yeah sorry, I don't suppose it has been done in english... ), kind of spoof : the couple is fighting because the woman is in awe with (a fake Super George) George Clooney, and of course the man is jalous... it's a few years old now. Nothing breakthrough but I thought I'll post anyway for fun

btw didn't find the video on the forum, but if it's posted already, well forget anything I said
(my translation further down, appologies for it I'm not so good at english and translating is even more difficult)

Olivia ruiz et adamo - ce georges - clip par delep51[/dailymotion]

this george
Chorus : (man) what does he have more, what does he have more, this George ? (woman) He lifts my heart right, gives me goosebumps !What does he have more, what does he have more, this guy ?
_ man : He's everywhere, nobody's asked for him ... Whoa there again ! With hungry eyes and a little dimple on his chin !
_ woman : I cannot sleep. I feel silly. I melt. I swoon. I sigh at his name.
_ man : She buys every magazines, and cuts out photos! On every wall, taunting me, she plastered his smile. If only he was Clark Gable he'll be gone with the wind ! But I have to live with this pretty Dom Juan face all day on my screen!
_ woman : It's still better than your socker ! Do something with yourself, read or booze!
_ man :But if I was to drink I don't answer for my acts. I can't stand that threesome anymore ! The other night, I'm back from work and I just wanna put on my sleeppers. But there he is ! he's back again.
_ woman : My George would never be letting loose like you do! Ah Aznavour was right : what a sight to see, you're a mood killer!
_ man :Every time that Mr releases his masterpiece, we have to go to the movies ! And while she's under his spell, all I can do is walk around in circles !
_ woman : Well go wait outside or something !
_ man : Ah she really pushes me to crime!
_ woman : Go ! I'll take the subway since you just can't sit through a movie!
_ man : Go see him in Hollywood, and grow fat with all that fast food
_ woman : And you fool, leave me alone. Take that : he's a real man
_ man :Talk about an exclusive, your great Georges, he is cloned!
Shooting hoops with George Clooney

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Re: there's a (french) song about Clooney

Post by Katiedot on Mon 27 Feb 2012, 16:22


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Re: there's a (french) song about Clooney

Post by melbert on Mon 27 Feb 2012, 18:44

You did great Macs! Funny!!!!
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Re: there's a (french) song about Clooney

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