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OBAMA & MONTI (no more berlusconi)

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OBAMA & MONTI (no more berlusconi)

Post by it's me on Sun 12 Feb 2012, 12:53


One day in America by Furio Colombo

That day, February 11, 2012, will certainly like the sign of a before and an after. We know what the before and know the sense of relief, even ostentatious, U.S. President Obama. Arrives in Italy and not Berlusconi. You Monti.

It means that one encounters among people who are prepared, it means that people are psychologically normal, and professionally competent in both directions of the job they do and of 'political office that line. It means that you can listen carefully to what is true, realistic projects and data that are reliable and verified.

There is no hypocrisy in American rituals. So the cover of Time is neither a favor nor an attempt to provoke sympathy. As demonstrated in a clear, explicit, repeated the words of Obama, the United States and their leaders want to say without mincing of words, you feel liberated from the nightmare which lasted so long, an Italian official visit, the time lost , from the circus that occupies the entire space, from the ridiculous press conferences where Italian is spoken only of the enemies, of obscure Italian judicial proceedings and claims incomprensbili of international success.

It is true, Berlusconi, at the time of the worst U.S. president, George W. Bush spoke to Congress in Washington. Those who were at that time Parliament had not yet forgotten neither the event nor the embarrassment. All this explains the real burst of enthusiasm, so many levels, America wanted to pay tribute to the visit of the man who is not Berlusconi.

How can a conviction that it was clearly written and pronounced in the American press, in public and political life (starting with the ambassadors who were not long in seeing and hearing until Berlusconi has represented Italy) how can such a conviction to be gone Italian journalists lost many colleagues, so many editors, by many conductors "broadcast depth", by many leaders of opposition parties remained gently folding in front of the "emergency government" which has shocked Italy for all Prime Minister Berlusconi years?

Mountains Of course led to much more of Wahington not be Berlusconi. But even the personal and professional qualities have appeared in the big picture of a miracle that perhaps it was impossible for now because: "It is not that Berlusconi". You say, but Obama knew, and knew well who is Monti. Of course. But touch and find out that Italy really has no relationship with fiction cheater and a liar of a government that there is something that can not celebrate with an even more emphasis, than normal but important professional events of this type.

The Monti-Obama meeting would take half an hour, according to the protocol, and lasted an hour. Probably the first half hour was devoted, as it seemed inevitable to say, the finding and the celebration. But in the second part of the meeting took an unexpected surge, almost prophetically, as anticipated from the cover of Time magazine: "Can this man save Europe?" Everything leads one to believe that Obama has asked the same question. Indeed, he has collected and transformed into statement without question.

And here lies a novel aspect of contemporary American history. The President of the United States for help. Non-cooperation. No coalition of the willing, not "everyone does their part." No, once assured of dealing with a person you can trust, and that, moreover, is a professional in the mysterious realm of the economy, where no one knows where and how to start a "crisis", where and how it ends, Barack Obama, forty-fourth U.S. president, has asked for help to save Europe. That to secure America from the disaster that would shatter his country as a fiction film, if Europe began to fall just one point.

This reveals some interesting truths. The first is that Obama does not suffer from the stupidity of maternal Angela Merkel who believes that just as a way of salvation, to keep her children warm. The second is that Obama is in a great loneliness. He has been right if he thinks of mountains can be trusted, but it certainly does not feel the center and leader of a group of political and economic emergency of images that you are with the U.S., as well as those special troops to use in case of terrorism. Obama, along with mountains, gave the impression that they feel protected by its experts and does not have great confidence in the other European leaders.

It is true, we are giants, these European leaders, because they are normal, educated, hardworking, honest relationships with their citizens and are not Berlusconi. Obama notes with relief. But he thought: do not save the world with personaggini semi-quarrelsome and experts who are tormented by the junta for their elections. Even Obama is chased by the ghost election. But here lies one of the differences that will deliver to history as a leader than Obama. Instead of retiring to think of himself, calibrating all about "but to me it profit?", Like Merkel and Sarkozy, Obama is asking the public who could help him do a job to be done now and quickly, or is or splits.

So something amazing has happened in this meeting with Barack Obama Mario Monti. Something that had never happened, and that many things will change. Starting from the relationship (it is fair to say "bond") Europe-America.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, February 12, 2012


hope the best for Obama
and the whole world economy and equilibrium

guess we have something more to pray for
those days
it's me
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