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A Ted Question about George

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A Ted Question about George

Post by Henway on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 08:23

Dear Ted:
What happen to George Clooney's life being private? His new girl Stacy Keibler blabbed about going to Cabo for Thanksgiving and is now implying that they and family will go for Christmas and New Year's. Does not sound so private if you're telling all where you will be? Also noticed that her tweeting has slowed way down, wouldn't have anything to do with someone telling her what to tweet would it?

Dear Merry X-mush:
Stacy, if you think about it, really isn't being all that different from George's past relationships, most of whom have (pre-breakup) spilled basically minor stuff to the press, at some point. Stacy's just finding her way—and, yes, with the advice of Mr. C. Point is, I'm told by G.C.'s pals that they're just as startled since George seems to be having a good time with this latest romance. But, as is always the case with Clooney, for how long?


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Re: A Ted Question about George

Post by sadDonkey on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 12:27

Thank you Henway.

Ted speaks to George's pals ?! Wow.

Ooh, Mr Clooney!

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Re: A Ted Question about George

Post by melbert on Sun 04 Dec 2011, 00:17

He's implied that before SadDonkey. Don't know if it's true or he just "wishes" they would.
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Re: A Ted Question about George

Post by LornaDoone on Mon 05 Dec 2011, 00:55

Which goes to my comments somewhere else in this forum. Stacy is like one of the boys - loves football, is into sports, seems like she likes to have a good time and George also gets to fuck her whenever he wants. Seems like a match made in heaven.

I don't see him marrying her though cause eventually her bio clock will kick in, she'll start thinking about having babies and George will move on. But since he keeps getting them younger and younger he figures he'll have more time before the baby/marriage thing starts to kick in for the gal.

See if George were really smart - he'd find a women who was already past all that nonsense - i.e. wanting to be married and wanting kids (or even being able to have kids) and move up to a classier dame.

But then he's got to deal with someone who won't take his shit so he'll keep going younger cause he can control the situation more that way.

Stacy has no clout of her own - anything she experiences now is based on her relationship with George and when it's over she'll be floundering in the wind like most of his exes till she gets her bearings again and lets go.

So Miss Sporty Ex Wrestler will probably last at least as long as Elizabetta. I figure they'll be at a Sox game next spring. Laughing

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Re: A Ted Question about George

Post by it's me on Mon 05 Dec 2011, 06:02

times flies
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Re: A Ted Question about George

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