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George loves more his doggie than any girl!

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George loves more his doggie than any girl!

Post by laetval on Mon 17 Oct 2011, 19:45

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George Clooney’s Co-Stars Open Up About The Special Someone In His Life

On Sunday in NYC, George Clooney made his red carpet debut with latest girlfriend Stacy Keibler at the New York Film Festival closing night gala for a screening of The Descendants. The silver fox was the talk of the night and OK! has all the details on what George’s co-stars spilled about working with one of Hollywood’s hottest stars!

Actress Patti Hastie noted that her favorite things about George are how “He’s very funny and supportive and I know this sounds crazy, but just a regular guy.”

Her praise continued: “There’s no ego there. Somebody once said that he’s like a brother and I felt that same way even though I did play his wife.”

George’s co-star Mary Birdsong admitted to OK! that she was “very intimidated” to be working with the Oscar winner but his humility and humor made for a fabulous production.

“George was really funny. He was doing Bing Crosby impressions in between takes and I was doing Frank Sinatra. So that was kind of exciting. Not everybody can say that.”

In addition to George’s famous sense of humor, Mary commented on the star’s “gracious and generous” nature on set.

“Even when I need an actor just for off camera, for site lines where normally they would put a stand-in for George. He did every take. He didn’t go off to his trailer and brood about how hard it is to be a movie star. He was right there giving 100 percent every time. All day long and when everybody was tense or impatient, he would just crack a joke or just pick up some prop, put it on his head and dance around.”

When asked if Stacy visited her new beau on set, Mary couldn’t quite remember, but there was a special someone in George’s life that really seemed to make an impression.

“You know I am not sure. I tried to just block that out. I think [Stacy] may have. I can’t quite remember. But he showed me a lot of pictures of his doggie.”

George is notoriously mum about his relationships but one thing is for certain: “He was very happy about the dog,” Mary confirmed to reporters.
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Re: George loves more his doggie than any girl!

Post by melbert on Mon 17 Oct 2011, 21:04

Stacy wasn't with him in Hawaii, unless she was hiding under a coconut tree. That's when we had the pics of Eli and the seabass cookies she brought to the set. Either OK didn't really talk to Mary or Eli didn't make an impression on her.
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Re: George loves more his doggie than any girl!

Post by Cinderella on Tue 18 Oct 2011, 00:54

I'd volunteer to play like one!!! He could even call me Einstein! lol!
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Re: George loves more his doggie than any girl!

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