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George's cocktail recipes

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Additions to G's popular Italian drink

Post by davidarochelle on Mon 26 Sep 2011, 23:41

lelacorb wrote:The favorite George'S drink is vodka , He has also invented a cocktail at the Cipriani in Venice-based vodka called "Buonanotte". I have the recipe but can not remember where, if I send it there so you can taste it, just remember that one of the ingredients was the cucumber!

Vodka, cranberry juice, and cucumber Why cucumber???? Davida-Rochelle
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George's cocktail recipes

Post by pattygirl on Tue 27 Sep 2011, 00:50

Perhaps it helps to cut sweetness of brown sugar. Why does anyone add a particular ingredient to any recipe. I'm sure he tested it, perhaps he had some left over from a salad he was making, and said why not. Must be good if it's served regularly. Good night and good luck.
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