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HOW TO . . . do clever things with links

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HOW TO . . . do clever things with links

Post by Katiedot on Sat Sep 03 2011, 10:27

You already know that if you want to post a link, all you need to do is copy the address of the webpage you want to link to and paste that in this forum:

But when you do this, you get something that's long and looks quite messy.

This forum lets you hide the long link inside a short bit of text and I'll show you how to do this now.

To do this you need to get the long reply bar and you do this by either clicking 'post reply' or 'preview' to bring up the new reply box and long tool bar.

1. Click on the 'link' button on the long toolbar:

2. This will open up a white box where you have to paste your link in the top section and what you'd like to call the link in the second section:

Naming links is up to you. You could write 'link HERE' or name the link after what it's about, which in this example would be 'Daily Telegraph'.

3. Then click on 'ok' to close the link box. When you publish this, the long link (the bit that begins 'http://www. . . . . etc') won't show in your post but the name of your link will. That's a lot neater.


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Re: HOW TO . . . do clever things with links

Post by pattygirl on Sat Sep 03 2011, 15:56

Thanks, Katie. Another problem solved. Often wondered when I saw just word LINK, how that was managed but didn't want to appear dumb by asking.cheers

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Re: HOW TO . . . do clever things with links

Post by melbert on Sat Sep 03 2011, 16:29

I'm glad you said that first PattyGirl!!! lol I always thought the same thing! I think Katie has the ability to read our minds and know the "dumb" questions we have, but don't want to appear "dumb" by asking!!!

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Re: HOW TO . . . do clever things with links

Post by Sponsored content Today at 02:24

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